Morning Docket: 06.11.21

* A lawsuit claims that a Minnesota law firm fired pro-Trump employees. Maybe the litigation is going to be “yuge”… [New York Post]

* A New York disbarred lawyer allegedly helped an ex-con swindle friends our of half a million dollars. [New York Daily News]

* Counsel for Derek Chauvin is seeking to probe alleged bias on the part of the jury that convicted Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd earlier this year. [AP]

* Jeffrey Toobin has returned to CNN after he took time off following an incident in which he purportedly exposed himself on a Zoom call last year. [USA Today]

* Lawyers for Stormy Daniel’s former counsel Michael Avenatti claim Avenatti should get a light sentence because he is mocked and ridiculed for his fall from grace. Maybe the judge will say “basta”… [Daily Beast]

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